Becoming an accredited trainer

Today I returned to the classroom for a day a week to learn a new skill and diversify my employment opportunities. I’ve enrolled to study a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, or TAE40110 as it’s commonly called. This is considered an essential qualification to become an accredited trainer for all vocational education and training Read more about Becoming an accredited trainer[…]

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Longevity in cyberspace

UPDATE (April 2017): this project was online when the post was originally published on 31 March 2015. Since that time, the website ’round the Ridge has been archived and is only available through Wayback Machine. Margot’s business has also evolved over the past decade and she recently launched Spruce design + marketing. *** Seems it’s true Read more about Longevity in cyberspace[…]

Coconut water: essential food group or passing fad?

I’ve been away from Australia for quite a while, sixty-six months to be precise. While we came home at least once a year between 2008 and 2015 (and lived in Brisbane for a year between our two postings in China), I’ve discovered quite a cultural knowledge gap since repatriating this year. Take coconut water, for example. Read more about Coconut water: essential food group or passing fad?[…]

Writing portfolio

A collection of my writing published in magazines and other writing samples: Shanghai Family 2014 Dec: Party Season Entertain your friends in style during the holiday season. 2014 Dec: Warm Winter Glow Boost your beauty regime and banish dry skin this winter. 2014 Nov: Summers in Shanghai How a Grammy award-winning guitar legend was drawn to Shanghai. 2014 Nov: Strike Read more about Writing portfolio[…]