Five tips to improve your writing

Want to improve your writing? Here are five quick tips:

1. Write

Writing is a skill that needs to be nurtured. The number one way to improve your writing is simply to write. Write more. Write often.

2. Critique your own work

Re-read a document, letter, blog post or email that you’ve written at an earlier date. Does it say what you want it to say? Is your message clear? Are there spelling errors or unnecessary words? Is there a way you could improve this piece?

3. Read

Read widely and read often. Try different genres. Read for pleasure. Read what your colleagues, clients, customers and competitors write about. Does it resonate with you? How could their message be improved?

4. Vocabulary list

Keep note of unfamiliar words while reading. Look them up in the dictionary. Was the word used correctly? Is it a word you could use in the future? Start a list today.

5. Consider your audience

English is a complex language that varies across the world. For example, British English differs from Australian English and American English. Set your spellcheck to the type of English your audience expects to avoid unintended spelling ‘errors’ (that are not actually errors in another language).

Do you have any other tips to improve your writing?