Becoming an accredited trainer

Today I returned to the classroom for a day a week to learn a new skill and diversify my employment opportunities. I’ve enrolled to study a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, or TAE40110 as it’s commonly called. This is considered an essential qualification to become an accredited trainer for all vocational education and training (VET) teaching and tutoring roles with registered training organisations (RTO).

How to become an accredited trainer

TAE40110 is offered by a myriad of providers, predominantly online and studying at your own pace. My mum tried this approach a couple of years ago and was so uninspired, she quit. Another option is an intensive five- or nine-day program…where you still have to complete half the coursework in your own time afterwards. So after much research, I opted for a face-to-face, all-day class once-a-week for nine weeks at TAFE.

It’s comforting to be back in a face-to-face learning environment after undertaking my Masters entirely online while we were living overseas. This followed a marathon 9.5 years to finish my first degree.

With 40-odd attendees, today’s class was bursting at the seams! It was a general introduction followed by a trip to the computer lab for English language assessment. The intent of this assessment was to raise our awareness of LLN (code for ‘Language, Literacy and Numeracy’ unit of competency). Apparently I need to focus on apostrophes, adjectives and adverbs.

I’m looking forward to classes once a week as a welcomed interlude to working from home. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the training the trainer.

Tell me, dear reader, do you hold a TAE40110? What did you think of the course? Do you use the skills learned during the course? How did the qualification improve your employability?