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Shanghai Family

2014 Dec: Party Season Entertain your friends in style during the holiday season.

2014 Dec: Warm Winter Glow Boost your beauty regime and banish dry skin this winter.

2014 Nov: Summers in Shanghai How a Grammy award-winning guitar legend was drawn to Shanghai.

2014 Nov: Strike a Pose Child models are in hot demand in Shanghai.

2014 Nov: Workout Widgets Must-have fitness products on the market.

2014 Oct: Breast Practice When it comes to breast cancer, early detection saves lives.

2014 Oct: Chongming Textiles Workshop An inspirational space for custom knitting and private tours.

2014 Sep: Ultimate Health Guide Our guide to navigate family health in Shanghai.

2014 Sep: Kitchen Whizzes All the latest gadgets, gizmos and accessories to spice up your kitchen.

2014 Sep: Night Cycle See the city from a whole new perspective.

2014 Jun: Take the Indoors Outside Transform your outdoor patio into a stylish, functional space for summer!

2014 Apr: Learning by Doing Creating global citizens through experiential education.

2014 Apr: Staying Connected How to create sustainable lifestyle habits.

2014 Apr: Eco Clean Your Home Your kitchen cupboard houses a treasure trove of natural household cleaners.

2014 Apr: Welcome to Huacao! Enjoy life in one of Shanghai’s districts way out west.

2014 Mar: Showering New Mums with Fun Baby showers are booming in Shanghai.

2014: App, Book & Movie of the Month! 

Shanghai Family Blog

Melbourne Cup in Shanghai Watch the race, show off your outfit and raise money for charity on Nov 4th!

Thyme for Time A volunteers appreciation night for one of my favourite organisations in Shanghai

Beijing Kids

2011 Mar: Returning to Disaster

2011 Jan: Home Time Repatriation 1.0

2010 Nov: In Memory of an Angel

2010 Sep: How hard is it to bake cupcakes?

2010 Aug: Postnatal Depression

2010 Jun: Diary of an Expectant Mother

2010 May: Arty Party – birthday parties on a palette

2010 Apr: Baby Showers in Beijing

2009 May: “What I’ve Learned…The Experienced Mother”

Beijing Kids Blog

Should infant formula be available by prescription only?

November = National Novel Writing Month

Clean Hands Save Lives

Tummy time

Ten things to do during Golden Week

Hello Kitty now delivering babies in Taiwan