Our family's last day at WISS in January 2015.

A reflection of international education in China

For expats, China is an exotic and chaotic location, and a culture so foreign it may feel as though you’ve moved to another universe. For many, part of a supportive school community can make or break a posting. Our five-and-a-half years in China were life-changing – and our three years at the Western International School Read more about A reflection of international education in China[…]

Writing portfolio

A collection of my writing published in magazines and other writing samples: Shanghai Family 2014 Dec: Party Season Entertain your friends in style during the holiday season. 2014 Dec: Warm Winter Glow Boost your beauty regime and banish dry skin this winter. 2014 Nov: Summers in Shanghai How a Grammy award-winning guitar legend was drawn to Shanghai. 2014 Nov: Strike Read more about Writing portfolio[…]