1. Share the media coverage with your mailing list

People who’ve signed up to your mailing list want to receive your news and see you succeed so tell them about your press coverage. There are many ways to do this. Sharing the story behind the coverage is a great place to start. Remember your stories help your past, present and/or future clients relate to you, your business and your products or services.

2. Follow-up sales leads

Follow up with clients who haven’t committed to working with you. Send them an e-mail to find out how they’re getting on, include a link to your feature and let them know you’re ready to continue the conversation when they’re ready. Your press feature may be the social credibility your potential client was waiting for before making their final buying decision.

3. Share it on social media

Share your success on social media. Use Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, record a YouTube video, show your magazine feature on Periscope, and add a link on your LinkedIn profile. Remember to tag the publication and the editor or journalist. Tweet something like: ‘Did you see me in @publication showcasing <insert area of expertise>? Thanks @Editor for a great interview’.

4. Update your website if you’re expecting a major piece of coverage

If you know your new season zebra print wallet is being featured in the next issue of Vogue, make sure you’re ready to welcome visitors from Vogue by making sure it’s easy for them to find and purchase the featured wallet online. And be sure to shamelessly self-promote on your website too by adding a copy of the article.

Durrant also mentions using media coverage as an opportunity for more stories. As a freelance magazine editor, I love this tip!

Media coverage, be it big or small, helps to build your reputation (let’s assume it’s positive coverage). Be sure to thank the editor with a personal email or handwritten note. This is the perfect opportunity to tell the editor that you’d love to work with them again and suggest a couple of story ideas. While they may never use these ideas, you’ll be top of mind when they next need to talk to an expert in your field.

What’s your greatest media success? How did you leverage from the media coverage?